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New Member Highlights

The BCOC would like to welcome our newest member, Kevin Cartwright.   


Cartwright’s tenure with the Baltimore City Fire Department spanned 24 years serving as the director of communications, chief spokesman and primary advisor to the fire chief. He had the responsibility and oversight of all internal and external aspects of communications. He is charged with developing, implementing and evaluating public relations policies, procedures and guidelines in compliance with local, state and federal mandates. He also performed risk, crisis and hazard analysis during major emergencies affecting the City of Baltimore.
Cartwright is a dedicated and detail oriented public affairs executive with many proven years of expertise in corporate, risk and crisis communications, public affairs, media relations and project management. A staunch proponent for results, Cartwright has developed an exceptional capacity to develop strategic communications programs through a broad spectrum of media. His background reflects a stellar track record of landing media placements and forging local and international alliances with public, government and media.
In preparing local communities and surrounding jurisdictions to deal with natural and manmade disasters, a great deal of resources is required. In this role Cartwright has led a cadre of marketing and publicity campaigns surrounding many of the largest emergency preparedness training exercises in this jurisdiction. Culminating public safety agencies such as fire, EMS, law enforcement and local National Guard, Cartwright has garnered mass media events to profile these worthwhile exercises that involved hundreds of participants.
On the homeland security front, Cartwright has managed the task of facilitating the annual in-town visit by the President of the United States through the Whitehouse Security Communications Agency (WSCA). Additionally, Cartwright has provided support to the agency’s grant writers that won federal grant awards that netted millions of dollars for protecting local first responders.

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