Below: Important message on COVID-19 from our Chair 

A Message From Our Chair

2020 BCOC Educational Symposium and Conference

Greetings my Brothers and Sisters,
I’m sincerely hoping everyone is safe and taking due diligence in this hour of our national crisis we all are facing at this time.


I would like to give all an update on our upcoming Symposium and Conference in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  


We are in constant state of awareness of all the restrictions on travel and group gatherings that are being proposed. We are the first line of defense for our respective communities that we serve. 


We are still planning on our 2020 Symposium and Conference to be held in Florida, but may be force to hold it at a later date than anticipated.


We will be keeping everyone informed of any changes that may come about in accordance with restrictions and guidelines that may be implemented that will affect us.


In the meantime, please be diligent and take all safety precautions necessary to ensure you and your organizations are safe.


We will continue to update everyone on any challenges and updates we may encounter.

David Harris

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