Candidates for upcoming 2022 BCOC elections

The following candidates have qualified to run for office in the upcoming BCOC Elections to be held in St. Louis. They have been credentialed as members in good standing and are certified to run. None of the positions were challenged by anyone else and they are the only ones running unopposed for office. During the conference meeting we will cast one vote to certify the election.

Politician with Supporters
A Message From Our Chair
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Dear BCOC Community,


Please note the candidates for the upcoming 2022 BCOC elections. These changes go into effect at the conclusion of our Educational Symposium and Conference this July.  Obviously, the change of Board Chair means that I will be stepping down. To everyone, your support during my tenure has been extraordinary, and the growth in business scope and financial budget of our organization reflects this support. While I am looking forward to pursuing new opportunities that will occupy most of my time, I will remain close by to help the organization in other capacities. I look forward to seeing everyone in St. Louis.



David Harris, BCOC Chair

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